Automated testing

With the pace of modern software enhancement accelerating to meet business and end-user needs, the pressure on internal technology organizations to quickly validate software quality continues to increase. Maximize the productivity and effectiveness of the software quality assurance process through rapid execution and detailed analytics with Dynaptual Testing as a Service (TaaS).

Organizations can deploy new releases with confidence and minimize post-deployment issues. Dynaptual provides powerful automation tooling, user-friendly cloud execution, and actionable insights.

Support for Infor, third-party, or custom applications (products must follow testability standards)
Design and manage testing for cloud and on-premises software
Subscription includes library of pre-built tests for Infor Software
Predictable subscription cost. Access to shared customer-designed tests via TaaS community

A single platform for end-to-end testing

Whereas most organizations deploy multiple tools to test user experience, functional requirements, data services, integration services, and application performance, Dynaptual Taas delivers a single platform for testing and covers the full range of functional and non-functional test requirements.

Full testing cycle

  • Test case design; test automation
  • Test execution—Smoke testing, integration testing, regression testing, pre-production testing, production deployment testing, user acceptance testing
  • Reporting and analysis—Test results analysis, reporting for decision making

Central test repository

  • A single repository houses all testing assets: plans, cases, workflows, data, results
  • Users can leverage test cases and automation workflows shared by the entire TaaS community
  • As content library grows, the platform’s utility increases

Test automation designer

  • Browser-based designer for automation record and playback
  • TaaS recorder captures user activity as they use the system
  • Storyboard driven workflow automation without complex syntax to learn

Test execution manager and execution agent farm

  • Unattended scheduled and on-demand execution
  • Automated and manual execution
  • Cloud-based execution